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About High Rise Energy Group, LLC

  • What does natural gas deregulation mean to me?
  • Prior to 1999, New Yorkers had to buy their natural gas directly from the Public Utility Company that serviced their area. Operating as regulated monopolies, the utility companies were not offering customers competitive pricing. All that has changed. Customers can now purchase the same natural gas from alternative suppliers called energy service companies (ESCO’s), instead of from their local utility.
  • Do utility companies approve of customers switching to ESCO's?
  • Yes. National Grid/Keyspan and Con Edison endorse natural gas deregulation. In fact, they give special incentives to assist you with switching to an ESCO.
  • Will I receive the same quality natural gas?
  • Absolutely! All natural gas travels through the same pipeline system, so you are assured of the same quality natural gas.
  • How much will I save by switching to High Rise Energy?
  • Most of our customers experience significant savings ranging from 8%-12% or greater.
  • What makes High Rise Energy different from other ESCO’s?
  • We are a local company specializing in the supply of natural gas for our customers. We do not own and operate a home heating oil company with a fleet of trucks and drivers. Our lower overhead will provide you with a greater monthly savings.

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