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About High Rise Energy Group, LLC

  • Competitive Pricing
    Because we specialize in natural gas, High Rise Energy offers competitive month to month pricing.
  • Tax Reductions And Credits
    Eliminate 100% of the sales tax on the delivery portion of your bill in ceartin areas of New York State
  • One Convenient Bill
    Receive the same monthly bill from your utility company listing High Rise Energy as your supplier.
  • No Hidden Fees
    No switching fees. No maintenance fees. No cancellation fees. No line charges.
  • Easy Enrollment
    Switching is simple and seamless. No service interruptions. No hassles.
  • Local Company
    We are headquartered on Long Island and can meet with you face to face instead of an impersonal phone call.
  • Same Service, Same Delivery
    Your existing utility company will still deliver your natural gas, provide service, maintenance, and meter readings.